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2016-2017 Oklahoma City Thunder Eulogy

Really a 2016-2017 Russell Westbrook Eulogy

We’ll always have 2016-17 Russell Westbrook


OKC Thunder Not Ready for Prime Time

Russell Westbrook Triple-Double True Story

James Harden Isn’t Done

Get ready for James Harden to do something insane in the final week of the season. Like date Kendall Jenner.

James Harden will do something crazy in the final week of the season

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Case of the Mondays

Kendrick Lamar Shouts Out Russell Westbrook

Tried to find a different angle to Kendrick Lamar’s song and line about Russell Westbrook. Hopefully I succeeded.

Kendrick Lamar Issues Challenge for Thunder Fans

NBA MVP New Voting Criteria

There are so many awesome people and writers at The Step Back. Happy to be part of a creative team.

Three criteria to remember when voting for NBA MVP

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