OKC Thunder Will Face Less Clutch Situations

So HYPE for this season.

Thunderous Thoughts: OKC Thunder will face less clutch situations


Andre Roberson Is Useless In 2K18

But I still love him. And he’s less useless with Carmelo Anthony on the team.

Andre Roberson is the worst in NBA 2K18 and I won’t stop playing him


Looking at Russell Westbrook’s Jordan Extension

Missed this one over the weekend.

Thunderous Thoughts: Russell Westbrook’s latest extension


Enes Kanter Video Breakdown

A deep dive into Enes Kanter’s offseason.

Thunderous Thoughts: Enes Kanter video breakdown


OKC Thunder as Taylor Swift’s

Look what you made me do.

Thunderous Thoughts: Look What You Made Me Do


Russell Westbrook Style Tips

The only style tips you need this fall.

Thunderous Thoughts – Russell Westbrook style tips


Predicting OKC Thunder Record Based On Schedule

Someone check my math.

Thunderous Thoughts: Predicting the Thunder’s record


OKC Thunder Mailbag

An old gem from my Occupy The Throne days.

Thunderous Thoughts: OKC Thunder Mailbag Edition


OKC Thunder to play in Mexico City

Gotta watch out for that Mexico City altitude.

OKC Thunder to play Nets on Dec. 7 in Mexico City


Investigating Russell Westbrook’s social media

For research. Not because I’m a stalker.

Thunderous Thoughts: Russell Westbrook hints at future on social media