Carmelo Anthony only going to Houston

Who thought giving Carmelo a no-trade clause was a good idea?

NBA trade rumors: Carmelo Anthony only wants to go to Houston


NBA Thoughts – 2013-14 NBA Preview: Western Conference

Dustin James checks in with his NBA Western Conference preview for the upcoming season.

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Thunder Thoughts – We Get By

Thoughts on the Oklahoma City Thunder’s round one win and their upcoming match-up.

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Thunder Thoughts – Embarrassing Effort

My thoughts on the Oklahoma City Thunder game 5 performance and Scott Brooks’ coaching job.

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Thunder Thoughts – Westbrook Down. Durant Up?

My thoughts on Russell Westbrook’s injury and how it impacts the Oklahoma City Thunder and Kevin Durant.

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Thunder Thoughts – Harden's Return

My thoughts on the Oklahoma City Thunder’s start and James Harden’s return to OKC.

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