Anthony Weiner Jail Time, Tom Brady on Trump, Cardi B Rules

Let’s make up feuds.

Cardi B Beats Taylor Swift

Tom Brady Finally Gives an Opinion on Trump

Anthony Weiner’s Wiener Gets Him 21 Months In Jail


Jessica Biel Sued, MAGA Hats Burned, Floyd Mayweather Loves Donald Trump

Happy weekend.

Jessica Biel Sued for Stealing Tips from Waitresses

Donald Trump Supporters Burning MAGA Hats Out of Hate

Floyd Mayweather Says Donald Trump’s ‘Grab ‘Em By the Pussy’ is How Real Men Talk


Chloe Bennet Says Hollywood is Racist, Kim Kardashian Irony, Snoop and Martha

President North West will be a thing in 30 years.

Chloe Bennet Kicks Instagram User In The Wang

Kim Kardashian Speaks In Delicious Irony About Donald Trump

Snoop Dogg Ruins Martha Stewart’s Cake In The Sexiest Way Possible

Steve Bannon Out, Arnold Speaks, Jon Stewart Returns

A lot of Trump talk.

Donald Trump Boots Steve Bannon From White House in an Effort to Unite America

Jon Stewart Returns to Stand-Up Comedy and Takes Down Donald Trump

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants to Terminator on White Supremacists

Justin Bieber Is Not Perfect, Homeless Man Stabbed, Dave Chappelle Talks Donald Trump

Chappelle is wrong.

Justin Bieber Gives Long-Winded Explanation for Canceling Tour

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five DJ Stabs Homeless Man For No Reason

Dave Chappelle Compares Donald Trump to a Bad DJ, but Really Trump’s a Bad Host

Anthony Scaramucci’s White House, ‘True Detective’ Casting, Kid Rock is Trump

Oh, Trump.

Anthony Scaramucci Wants the White House to Cover Up Scandals Just Like Penn State

‘True Detective’ Casts Mahershala Ali to Save Season 3

Kid Rock Says Democrats Will Be ‘Shattin’ in Their Pantaloons’ If He Runs for Senate

Donald Trump Blocks Chrissy Teigen, Evan Rachel Wood Hates Demons, Ariel Winter’s Tattoo

Chrissy is the best.

Chrissy Teigen Finally Wears Out Donald Trump, He Blocks Her on Twitter

Evan Rachel Wood’s Demon Cleaning Kit Is Not Weird. She’s Just Playing

Ariel Winter Doesn’t Know What Love Is But Tattoos It on Her Butt Anyway

‘Stranger Things’ Update, Tyler The Creator Might Be Gay, David Letterman on Trump

Very excited for season 2 of Stranger Things.

‘Stanger Things’ Cast Ready to Fight Devil Cloud

Tyler, the Creator Is Either Gay or Providing More Shock Lyrics

David Letterman Would Fire Donald Trump From Dairy Queen and Move Him to Retirement Home