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One Hour at UFC 210

MMA is the worst.

UFC 210: The Worst of MMA In One Hour


Facing The Pain – UFC 210 Preview

Samer Kadi and I are back talking MMA this week. First, we’ll look back on the epic King Mo vs. Rampage Jackson fight before getting into our UFC 210 preview. We’ll talk Anthony Johnson’s mental deficiencies, why Daniel Cormier needs to avoid a firefight, and ponder whether or not Ronda Rousey and Chris Weidman are the same person. Finally, we end with childhood memories of wrestling figure booking. What more could you ask for?

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UFC 200: Real Winners and Losers

The real winners and losers from UFC 200.

UFC 200: Real Winners and Losers – 411Mania

UFC 200: The Casual Fan Preview

A quick and easy preview of UFC 200.

UFC 200: Casual Fan Preview – 411Mania

Leave The Memories Alone – WCW Halloween Havoc and MMA

It’s a mash-up edition of Leave The Memories Alone and Wrestling DVR as Samer Kadi and I review WCW Halloween Havoc 1995 featuring the greatest match in the history of wrestling, a predictable turn, and some other nonsense. Plus we’ll discuss getting paid to write about MMA, the Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier brawl, and the return of Anderson Silva.

Leave The Memories Alone – WCW Halloween Havoc and MMA

Leave The Memories Alone – UFC 173 and NBA

In this edition of Leave The Memories Alone, Samer Kadi and I discuss the top two fights from UFC 173, the NBA Playoffs, and the upcoming UFC video game. Plus, we’ll create our own UFC video game and we promise it won’t suck.

Leave The Memories Alone – UFC 173 and NBA

Man Cave Podcast – UFC 170 Review

February 25, 2014 Leave a comment

Samer Kadi joins the Man Cave to look back at UFC 170. We’ll talk about the biggest star in MMA, Ronda Rousey, and her improvements in the cage, the UFC trying to sell us a cup of coffee, and go on tangents about Assassin’s Creed 4 and Charles Barkley.

Man Cave Podcast – UFC 170 Review

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