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Colorado Avalanche Final Ten Games Recap

Answering previously asked questions.

The final ten recap


Colorado Avalanche and the Final Ten Games

Asking the tough questions and providing a preview of sorts for the final ten games of the Avalanche season.

Things to watch for in the final ten games

Colorado Avalanche Should Keep Losing

What a frustrating team to support right now. Things will get better. Because they literally can’t get any worse.

Winning complicates things for Avalanche management

Blake Comeau and the Worst Decision Ever

I’m embarrassed to be a fan of this hockey team.

Breaking down Blake Comeau’s decision

Colorado Avalanche vs. Ottawa Senators Recap

First recap for Mile High Hockey. Ryan, the site editor, seems to like me, which is always a good thing. Having freedom on the recap is great because it allows me to be more free flowing. But I had to actually watch the game, which kind of sucked.

Avalanche remain the same in 2-1 loss to Senators

Colorado Avalanche: Uneasy Deadline Feeling

Open Letter to the Colorado Avalanche

February 17, 2017 Leave a comment

My annual letter to the Avs right before they visit Carolina. Can’t wait to be miserable tonight.

Dear Colorado Avalanche…

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