Writing open letters is fun and easy because you get to act like you’re talking directly to that person even though there’s a 99 percent chance that they’ll never read it. Here is a collection of my open letters over the years.

NBA Media Open Letter (May 2015)

Colorado Avalanche Open Letter (October 2015)

Taylor Swift Open Letter (September 2016)

UFC 203 Open Letters (September 2016)

Anthony Morrow Open Letter (October 2016)

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker Open Letter (January 2017)

NBA Media Open Letter (February 2017)

Colorado Avalanche Open Letter (February 2017)

Bella Thorne Open Letter (June 2017)

Calvin Pickard Open Letter (June 2017)

Alex Abrines Secret Letter (August 2017)

Patrick Roy Open Letter (August 2017)