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Words on a Pole is my content archive. Everything I’ve written over the last few years can be found on this site, with new content added daily. Sometimes there is original content. Sometimes. Not often. The full story of the site name is below.

I don’t remember how it came up, but during a conversation with Samer, he mentioned that I was like Vince Russo with my writing.

At first, I was a little offended. For those that don’t know who Vince Russo is, he’s a former WWE/WCW/TNA writer who is credited for the Attitude Era and helping kill WCW. Jim Cornette is his biggest fan. Being compared to him generally isn’t a good thing. But then Samer explained it, and it made sense.

Russo was, and probably still is an idea factory. He had 1,000 different thoughts and ideas in his head and it didn’t matter if they were stupid or made no sense, he was going to bring them to life through wrestling. Samer believes that I do the same thing. I have a ton of ideas, a lot of them are dumb (I like to say that they are unique), but once I have an idea, chances are I’m going to write about it. The biggest similarity between Russo and myself is that we never drew money.

Another big similarity is that we’re both willing to build an entire story around an inside joke that only a few people will get (sometimes even less) just to find a way to sneak said joke in. In other words, the story is simple filler for one throwaway line that actually is the real purpose of the story. In that sense, Russo and I belong to the same school of genius. Because no matter how nonsensical, forced or half-assed an idea will end-up being, nothing will stop me from writing it if it means being able to sneak in a nickname that I came up with for Dion Waiters that only one other person understands. If that doesn’t make money, something is wrong with the world, not my writing. Check, please.

The above paragraph was written by Samer and pretty much explains our relationship and furthers the “I am Russo” conversation. Some of the ideas that I come up with are just throwaway lines in my conversations with Samer that I steal and turn into 700+ word articles.

Thus, I’ve decided to call this website Words On A Pole. Oddly enough, there is a deep meaning to the name. The struggle to make it as a writer, fighting to find the right words. It seems simple enough. Just climb the pole, grab the words, everything is finished. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. For a reader, the name represents the fact that most of my work is on another site, which means you have to click a link to view it. The post on this site is the pole, the link to my writing are the words.

That makes the name sound less dumb. Like, “damn, he really put some thought into it.” When, truthfully, I just thought of some dumb stuff from the Vince Russo Era, settled on the fact that he liked to put things on a pole, and wanted to use the word “words” or “writing” in the website title.


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