UFC on FX 6: Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson Review – No Names. Good Fights.

My review of UFC on FX 6: Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson, which was a fun night of fighting even though no one watched or will remember tomorrow.

Ross Pearson def. George Sotiropoulos: PEARSON IS BACK AT LIGHTWEIGHT! These two had a fun fight, especially in the first round. Pearson had Sotiropoulos dancing and nearly finished him but was a little too overaggressive in pursuing the knockout. Sotiropoulos survived, came back at the end of the round, got Pearson down, took his back, and nearly submitted him as the round ended. The second round, Sotiropoulos decided to spend the entire time striking, and was actually having success until the end of the round when he got rocked again. Why he wanted to strike when his strength is grappling and he had Pearson in trouble at the end of the first is beyond me. In the third round, Pearson finally put Sotiropoulos away after hurting him like five times. This was pretty much a must win for both guys and Pearson did his job, which was win. On the feet, Pearson is a good fighter. His boxing is excellent and he mixes things up well. He’s still a little too hittable and his wrestling/grappling is mediocre, which is why he’ll never advance past the mid-level, but he’s a nice guy to have around because he can have fun fights against other strikes. Sotiropoulos might want to think about retirement. He’s 35, his striking defense really sucks, and his chin is shot. To compound the problem, he fought really stupid in this fight. I’m sure he can still outgrapple a lot of guys at 155, but if he can’t get the fight to the ground, he’s going to be a KO victim.

Robert Whittaker def. Brad Scott: This was a very fun brawl that I couldn’t seem to care about. Whittaker and Scott threw a ton of strikes, Whittakers landed the cleaner and harder strikes, so he won the decision. Both guys were extremely tough and also extremely raw. Whittaker may have a bright future because he has some explosive striking, is pretty diverse on the feet, and is only 21. How is wrestling wrestling/grappling is remains a mystery though. Scott looks like Forrest Griffin and fights like him too. Maybe that’s a compliment because Griffin is a former UFC champion, but it’s definitely a backhanded compliment.

Norman Parke def. Colin Fletcher: I didn’t care about this fight. Sorry, but it’s tough to care about two guys you’ve never heard of or seen fight, especially when it involves being crowned a TUF champion, which has been meaningless for years now. There was nothing wrong with this fight, it was fine. Both guys brought it, they each landed some good shots, and Park won thanks to a bunch of takedowns and superior ground control. It’s a nice victory for Parke, but he fights at 155 and there are no easy fights in that division, even if he faces TUF US washouts.

Hector Lombard def. Rousimar Palhares: This was the Lombard everyone expected at UFC 149, a violent man who puts you away when he hits you. It helped that Palhares has very little to offer on the feet and seemed genuinely afraid of Lombard and his power. Lombard caught him early, hurt him, failed to put him away with ground and pound, let him up, and then put him out cold on the feet. Lombard has always been a dangerous man in the first round, it’s after that when he starts to have a problem. People just need to accept that Lombard is a hit or miss fighter. If he doesn’t kill you in the first round, he’s going to put on a boring fight, but still possibly put you away later because he does have that kind of power. This was a good victory for him as Palhares is a very game fighter, but we saw against Boetsch that if you use movement and do your best to stay away from his power, Lombard is a pretty limited fighter. Or who knows, maybe he had a serious knee injury against Boetsch and he really is the guy to knock out Anderson Silva in the near future.


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