First off, I want to thank everyone for their support since I started this site. As always with these blogs, I usually start them and then give up after a month or two, but I’ve stuck with Thoughts From The Man Cave thanks to the support of my friends and the readers.

Now unlike Dana White, I’m not afraid to co-promote and always welcome the opportunity to partner up with people, mainly because I’m usually the little guy and have plenty to gain. My good friend and 411Mania boss Larry Csonka, who has been on a number of Man Cave Thoughts podcasts, has been kind enough to accept the Man Cave Thoughts podcast into the Csonka Radio Network. Larry has been doing the 411 on Wrestling podcast for over a year now and recently expanded by not only adding the Man Cave Thoughts podcast but also The Ocho podcast. Larry has always been gracious to me over the years, even posting the MMA/Wrestling podcasts on the 411Mania site, so it’s great to partner up with him.

Everyone can checkout the Csonka Radio Network here for not only select Man Cave podcasts but also 411 on Wrestling podcasts with Larry and The Ocho sports podcasts with Steve Cook and Trent Howell.

Also a big thanks to Larry’s wife Christi, who put together the sweet looking Man Cave Thoughts avatar.