The Blemish Daily Recap (4/25/17)

First full week back writing. Oh, how I’ve missed it.

‘The Bachelor’ Chris Soules Allegedly Killed a Man and Will Be Passing Out Roses In Jail

‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Got Her Ass Kicked, How Bow Dah?

Tom Hardy — ‘I Caught the C*nt’



Looking At ‘The Fast and the Furious’ Universe

The greatest movie franchise in movie franchise history.

How ‘The Fast and the Furious’ Franchise Turned the Streets Into a Universe

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Oklahoma City Thunder: Ways To Win The Series

Missing Items From The NBA Playoffs House

This started as one idea and turned into something completely different. I still like how it turned out, though.

MISSING: Please return the following items to the NBA Playoff House

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The Blemish Daily Recap (4/21/17)

Hawaii Writing

For those interested in my theory on why Hawaii is so expensive.

Hawaii Vacation and Motivation

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The Blemish Daily Recap (4/20/17)

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